Time for tea? I hope so!

Whew! Well that was a stressful evening of waiting up until 4am, anxiously glued to my computer and screaming blue murder at the maddeningly slow browser bar as it inched s-l-o-w-l-y forward. The good news is, I think I almost-maybe-not-quite-sure-but-possibly have achieved what it is that I set out to achieve. Which is, for now at least, top-secret. One of my pet hates is allowing myself to get over-excited about something only to have my hopes dashed at the last minute. So now I officially adopt an approach of what I like to call Realistic Optimism.
tea party, tea, tea cups, cuppa, Alice in wonderland, kettle, teapot, tea pot, time for tea

What I can share today though, is the good news that I got invited to Dribbble! Which probably means nothing to most of my friends but is kind of like a portfolio sharing version of twitter for designers and artists. When you're on it, you can like and comment on each other's work, and you can also look for jobs, etc. It appears to be a lot more in the vein of graphic design and web design than I thought, so it stimulates a different creative side of me, which I kind of like :D Also, you need to be 'invited' by an existing member of the community before you can post your own work or comment. I thought this might be a major problem since I didn't know anybody on it, but luckily a very gallant member who also happens to be on Behance (if you're an artist and you're not already, GET ON IT. I might make another post about that one on it's own, it's that good) invited me, and now here I am! 

In honour of this, I made a little post-card with some of my cut-out designs from a previous background illustration I made, because let's face it - if you're Irish (who isn't?) you probably love tea. 

Shall I put the kettle on? :)

Teapot, Tea-cup, Tea, Alice in Wonderland, Tea party, cuppa, fancy a cuppa? fancy a brew?
Time for tea? 

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