Sketch Book Saturday

It's been a busy time!

We had our annual musical production this week at work, and it was all hands on deck. I was in charge mostly of costume design for the principal cast, which was a lot of fun but time-consuming (and stressful). So unfortunately this week was so busy and I found myself so tired from all of the running around that I didn't have much time to draw. I feel my portfolio glaring at me from under the pile of books and coloured paper on my couch for being so unproductive.

Just so I don't feel too terrible, here are some old sketches I did in the summer just before my holidays. I coloured up one way back in January, but I'm not too crazy about it (it was my first attempt at using the tablet). My friend Ashley liked the first one so much I decided to gift her the original (since I insist on handmade presents for everything and am then officially the worst in the world at finishing them. Sorry Ash). Since I'm going to frame the originals and send them away to new homes,  here are the (slightly fuzzy) scans. Have a happy Saturday!

Girl Dog Puppy Cute Sketch Autumn Harvest Frolic Free Playing Children Sweet Scarf Boots Gloves Woolly Hat
Autumn Frolic

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Teddy Bear's Picnic

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