MATS Illustration for Children's Books (I)

I recently took the plunge and decided to enrol in one of Lilla Rogers' 'Make Art That Sells' e-courses. I have long wanted to try out her methodology, and it so happened that this month she had a new course coming up which specifically has to do with illustration for Children's Books - an area on which I would really like to focus (you should see my children's book collection).
Owl and the Pussycat Character Illustration by Claire O'Brien

So of course, I ignored the cries of my credit card ('Interest! Bad Adulting! Think of your overdraft!) as I rang it through on a last minute whim...and now, here I am!

The first week is done, and as the second swings underway, I find myself getting into the rhythm of it a little bit. It is a well-constructed course and very enjoyable. It also feels a little like being back in University; deadlines looming, drawing while crying and eating chocolate all at the same time...

We were given three texts to choose, and of course I couldn't decide on one (I'm pretty terrible at adulting, as I think we have established), so I've decided to just do whichever one speaks to me on whichever week and be kind to myself. After all, I am there to learn! 

This week, I decided to do the Owl and the Pussycat, since I have been drawing more children and people lately (and frankly, I think children are easier - no colour patches and whiskers to contend with). We focused on creating accessories to add some personality to our characters. I felt like making mine a Mexican theme, so I did some Mariachi and Day of the Dead inspired pieces.

Owl and the Pussycat Character Illustration by Claire O'Brien

At the moment, I prefer my sketches to the rendered work. So no portfolio piece as of yet (hello, Instagram, it's me), but an interesting exercise nonetheless. Now, on to the next...(where is my chocolate?)
 Owl and the Pussycat Character Illustration by Claire O'Brien

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