A gilded cage is still a cage

B loves birds. Well, all animals really. But especially birds. We went to visit the bird gardens at Yuen Po and we saw the traditional bird cages (which were beautiful, and we loved), and lots and lots of teeny tiny little birds, crammed into those beautiful cages as many as would fit. B was very sad looking at those beautiful little things, all cooped up inside like that. 

A gilded cage is still a cage_Claire O'Brien Illustration

We saw this little guy from the street hop and dart and chatter around outside one of the cages, like he wanted to communicate with the little birds inside. Even though he was a lot plainer, I'm sure those beautiful little birds would have much rathered be on the common side of those beautiful lacquered cages. I guess a cage is still a cage, no matter how beautiful it is. 

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