The Dragon King/Broken External Drive.

Lately, I feel a shift in my style and focus happening almost automatically. I have started to fall in love with flatter perspectives and...**shudder** a more animé approach to linework. 

I'm trying to work on my first real book. I've been approached to make a book app but I don't know if that will lead anywhere yet, so in the meantime, I've decided to start drawing roughs just in my own time, and let the style be dictated by its own development. 

Also, I smashed my hard-drive, so all of my originals of the prints I created over the past year (and the lion's share of my portfolio) may or may not be lost forever....hence the lack of nice things to post on my blog that I'd been working on over the summer :( I had to download this picture from my own Facebook page (you can like and follow me here!). Oh well, fingers crossed for the outrageously expensive data recovery to work! 

The working title is Sassa and The Dragon King, after a little girl that I used to teach who really loved the white rabbit I brought in to show her one day :) 

Claire O'Brien Illustration
Chinese Dragons are undoubtedly the coolest ones. 

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